Starting a Weekly Showcase for #Solution6Months!

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Climbing a mountain seems like a daunting task. But if you break it down into smaller goals, you’ll be at the top sooner than you think!

Even experienced developers can be intimidated by the sheer size and scope of a project. To make a project more manageable and human in scope, projects are divided into smaller “sprints.” Each sprint is a small amount of time anywhere from a week to two months. They are short timelines with reachable goals.

Since we are small or individual teams and starting out, we are going to do weekly sprints. Starting tomorrow (Friday 3/6), I’ll open a forum where we can post our current project status (be it art, music, or even games!) Be sure to post links and screenshots so we can see each other’s progress!

I encourage you to include your Twitter handle so we can all Tweet and signal boost our favorite projects on Twitter. This will be a great positive motivator for everyone as well as a way to get good feedback.

No matter how small your progress, aim to have something new to show each week, even if it is a small hidden mechanic in your game. If you focus on the small human steps, you’ll be surprised how soon you’ll find yourself at the top of a mountain!