DevMind Q & A #1 – Austin Jorgensen (LISA Rpg)

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Welcome to the First Edition of DevMind Q & A where a developer answers our biggest questions about game development.


We hope this blog will help you to realize the wide variety of tools that games and that if you put in the time and the effort, you can get a game to market regardless of what tool you have chosen.


Our first Q & A is with Austin Jorgensen from LISA. LISA was developed with the RPG Maker Engine and features a pretty unique story as well as gameplay mechanics you might not expect to be doable in RPG Maker! I purchased it a few weeks ago and it is very enjoyable thus far.


With the variety of game mechanics used in “Lisa the RPG”, what was the key reasons for picking RPG Maker over other game engines?


Simply put, it was the one I understood the most.


What parts of game development did RPG Maker give your team an advantage?


Well it was a one man job, and although rpg maker is limiting, it also can make for a easy and fast process.


What were the most difficult parts of game development?How much of it stemmed from the game engine you chose?


The most difficult for me was the software/programming. The engine did cause a few headaches, but primarily it was user error. :)


Was there a point in development you might have considered using another engine?


I would be a different game if it was on a different engine. I’m only considering another engine now that LISA is set in stone.


How much customization and scripts did you have to use for RPGMaker to achieve simulating other game design firms like the platformer sections?


Quite a few custom scripts, none of them I wrote myself.


What were the most difficult non-RPG-like gameplay aspect to customize?


The platforming, I did all that with in engine events. It was the most time consuming.


 Given the chance would you recommend others to use RPGMaker as well?


Sadly, I have to say as a stepping stone yes. RPG Maker is the MS paint to Photoshop. You can make some badass stuff in MS Paint(RPG MAKER),but people have a hard time accepting it as a legit engine.


Any recommendations for new Game Developers  who are thinking of using RPGMaker?


My biggest gripe is how Steam and RPG Maker don’t mix well. I had a third party guy fix everything up for me so the game would be compatible with Steam’s overlay.

If you don’t care to get your game on Steam or consoles, then RPG Maker can be great for you.


Any words for people who dismiss RPGMaker as a “real” game development engine considering the impressive results of “Lisa the RPG”?


I get the negativity. But, like anything in life, you will always have haters. I don’t have the tools to make the next hit game, but that didn’t stop me from making something I care about.



As you can see, Austin poured his heart and soul into this game and it shows.

You can follow them on twitter here and you can purchase LISA on Steam here

We wish Austin all the best in the future and look forward to more unique games!