Stuck for Ideas? The Idea Matrix to the Rescue!

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When you work on a lot of games, it can be hard to come up with new and fresh ideas or at the very least…different ideas.

I first learned about the concept of the Creativity Matrix from Manga Matrix (which is a really great book by the way)

There are many different methods, but this is one I’ve found just simply works for me no matter how tired I am

or squeezed for ideas for fresh content.


The basic idea is for you to open up a spreadsheet, write some words along the top and down the side, and see

what kind of cross over content you get! It can be fun and a good exercise when you’re worn out.


Here’s a sample Matrix :


Idea Matrix



So, the next time you’re stuck for ideas, take a break and pull out a spreadsheet !

2 Responses

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