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    Hello all and welcome to the first tutorial guide on modding Starbound. It’s important to do these in order, because each one will be applicable to the next.

    Creating a hat in Starbound can be very easy. First thing we need to do is find where you’ve stored the game. If you don’t know where that is;
    1. open steam
    2. right click on the game, from your library
    3. Click properties
    4. Go to the local files tab
    5. click “browse local files”

    Now that you’ve found your starbound files, go into Starbound\giraffe_storage\mods

    Unzip and place these files in the mods folder: http://www.mediafire.com/download/epc88be1xgouo8a/zeppelihatexample.zip

    The examplehat folder is the one you’ll be changing into your own hat mod. The Zeppeli hat folder is the mod I made to show you how to make yours. The Zeppeli hat is based on the hat from Count Zeppeli from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

    The first thing you should do is rename the “examplehat” folder to the name of the hat you plan to make. For instance “Bowlerhat”. For this tutorial, I will be renaming the necessary files and lines of code, in the examplehat folder, to “Zeppelihat”. You do the same, but with your own naming convention.

    There are also lines of code you need to change as well. Located the .recipe file, the .head file, the .modinfo file, and the player.config.patch file.

    recipe file
    modinfo file
    player config file patch
    head file

    The short description and description is flavor text. You can change it to whatever you want, just don’t add extra quotations. The short description should be the name of your hat, as you’d like it to be in the game. The code name should be the same as what you put in your recipe file and your player.config.patch file.

    The modinfo file uses the name of your folder that contains the entirety of your mod. The folder is called “zeppelihat” for me, but I named the file “zeppelihathead” so I would have an easier time distinguishing the two. If you feel up to it, work with what makes sense to you.

    Now let’s make the hat, figure out that image labeled “mask” and get our icon set up.

    open up your “head” png(image) in whatever paint type program you use. I’ll be making use of Paint.net. It’s free and I’ve been using it for a long time now. If any of this confuses you because you chose another program, do some googling or ask another user, there is usually a similar function between programs for what I will do.

    The first thing you should see is a head in the top right corner. the 43×43 pixel square, in the corner, is your working space. The head is there to show you where the head lines up with the hat, in game.

    Zoom in to about 800% (manually or by used the scroll wheele + ctrl) and then create a new layer. You create a new layer by clicking the layer tab, at the top of the program, and the choosing “add new layer”. In photoshop, I believe this is to the right of the program.

    The second layer needs to be selected. On the second layer, you will make the base of your hat. For some hats, that will be the only layer you need. For hats with patters, you’ll want to make another layer for the patter. My hat will have a pattern, so I will have 3 layers, in total.

    A top hat is a simple design. I first create a rim. The rim is a straight horizontal line that I put on the bottom part of the head’s forehead, like so.

    Next, we need to add shading. Shading in starbound is meant to be simple and use very little colors. Mine will use five colors worth of shading. Since the rime will be a cylinder shape, and the head is facing slightly to the side, the brightest part of the rim should be between the eyes and the rime should get darker from that point, like so:

    If this is starting to confuse you, I suggest looking up tutorials on pixel art and shading: http://makegames.tumblr.com/post/42648699708/pixel-art-tutorial

    Now we move on to the rest of the hat. As it’s a top hat, it will be a rectangle in shape, longer than it is wide. It should look like so:

    The shading for the rest of the hat is different. The rim sticks out further, so it should be a bit brighter. The rest of the hat will use one less shade and will start at a darker shade of the same color. Like so:

    For those who wont be using patterns, read this part anyways. It might come in handy in the future.

    Now add another layer like you did last time. On this layer, you will create your pattern. For the Zeppeli hat, his had a diamond shaped checkered pattern. I was in a bit of a rush, and so I did something similar, but not the same:

    Layers can get confusing, to help yourself out, try double clicking on a layer, and then changing its name. This will help you organize:

    Now that your hat is done, delete the first layer:

    Now save the file as a png. The program will ask you if you want to flatten the image. Do so.

    Next, you need to decided where hair is allowed to show outside of your hat. To do so. Choose your rectangle select tool and go to the top right of the image, now make a 43 x 43 selection going from top right to bottom left. Like so:

    Copy this selection, open the mask image and paste, like so:

    Now use complete white to decide where hair goes and then delete the hat from the mask image and save. For zeppeli, the mask image looks like this:

    Making an icon is really simple. Just look at the icons, as they are lined up in the zeppli icon image. The first hat is for head icons, second is chest, and the last is legs. The very last part is for back items.

    Now your mod should be ready to use in the game. Boot up the game and make a character. go into single player with your character. Now type in “/admin” then type in “/spawnitem yourhatname”. This should give you a copy of the hat you made. If it didn’t show up, send me a comment and we’ll work this out.

    Last of all, if you want to figure out the color scheme found at the bottom of the .head file, here is how it works.

    The color code, as it appears in the file
    What you need to change. 1st set of numbers/letters stay the same, second one changes. repeat.

    If this helped you, make a hat and put it up on http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/ include a link to this tut so more people can make hats as well. Next, we will be making a weapon in Starbound. Stay tuned for that.

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    Missing Minus

    Nice job 😀

    I would make my own hat right now, but I don’t have it installed, and my internet sucks.

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