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    3 tuts in and you’ve got the biggest things you need to know done. After this is ships, races, spawners/spawner and monsters.

    In this tut, we’ll be learning about the next two armor pieces you can wear. Torso and leggings. You can also make back items, but between this and the hat tut, you should know enough to do that part yourself.

    First thing to do is download the practice files. No more handholding on mod placing. you’ll have to apply what you’ve learn to set this one up(hint, not all files included are apart of a mod): Example Armor & Dio Tuxedo with JoJo Sailor Suit

    Included with the example armor is images to use for alignment purposes. I’ve kept the head off but you might want to look up the head placement anyways. Photoshop files have been added as well. In order to open photoshop image files in paint.net, download this plugin and follow the instructions for installing: https://psdplugin.codeplex.com/

    This time around, I’ll be using videos to help show what you should be doing. There is no audio in the videos and they are quite long. I suggest turning up the speed on youtube and watching them with music or something playing in the background. I will be providing notes and time stamps to follow along with.

    Creating JoJo sailor suit:

    This suit looks like this in the anime:

    What it will look like in game:

    0:29 : label your layers for organization

    0:57 : Notice the flood mode option. You get different options based on the tool you are using. The paint bucket will bring up the flood mode. By changing it to global, every time you use the paint bucket on a specific color, it will change all instances of that color to the newly selected color to fill it with. Change global to contiguous if you just want to change an area.

    2:26 : You can figure out shading based on the model you are using. In this case, the shirt is a tight fit, and so the chest should be shaded to show this.

    4:08 : Chest piece is only a few frames, but we’ll be putting the chest piece on every frame of animation so we can align the pants with them.

    9:43 : The pants are pretty generic, so the wont be much work needed. The biggest change is a zipper fold in the middle. We’ll be adding it to every frame.

    20:33 : Shoes are very simple, but you’ll want to keep the shoe designs looking the same from one frame to another. An easy way to do this would be to copy the original shoe design and then change it to fit the new animation.

    23:22 : A background color can help you see what you are doing when working with white-ish colors.

    31:20 : After you’ve figured out how you want to do shading, you might save yourself time by doing each frame of animations by shades instead of each color at once. So do your dark blue on every frame, the mid blue, then light blue. This requires less changing of colors, and should save you time on a large sheet of animations.

    50:12 : when setting up the chest sprite sheet use another chest sprite sheet to properly align the animations and correct any errors.

    52:16 : Setting up the female chest piece requires you to incorporate the breasts in the shape. You should also reshade the chest area to reflect.

    This one was pretty simple. Make sure you have sleeve sprite sheets, but leave them blank. We could do more by adding a white border on the upper should on the front sleeve sprite sheet, but it’s fine as is.

    Next, is Dio Tuxedo:

    In the Anime, it looked like this:

    In the game, we want it to look like this:

    You’ll now need to deal with the sleeves, front and back. The front and back arm/sleeve sheets are actually bigger than the leggings one. Keep this in mind when you get to saving your work.

    0:39 : For the most part, you do the same process. The difference will come much later with the cape.

    1:06:39 : At this point, we start work on the cape. Now, the game has a backpack slot, but I believe that slot works terrible with capes. It is better to do it on the front sleeve sprite sheet. Don’t have the walking frames with the cape being wavy. The walking frames are used for walking backwards and forwards, so it looks odd if it is animated in one direction over the other. The running frames are where you want your frames waving. You want to use the front arm/sleeve because it has priority when viewing. You can use either the back arm/sleeve or the back slot to place equipment you want showing up behind the character.

    Put parts you don’t plan on animating, but want to stay the same in every frame on the chest. The exception being if the static piece should show up about the front arm/sleeve. If that is the case, then it goes on the front arm/sleeve sprite sheet.

    2:00:00 After everything is done, get in the game and test your new mods using /admin

    You’ll notice that there is some clipping with the ducking pose and the chest piece. You can fix this by reduce the feathers on ducking animation for the chest piece where it collides with the head. You can use ingame clues to tell you where the head aligns with the shoulders.

    If this helped you, make a set of armor and put it up on http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?resources/ include a link to this tut so more people can make hats as well. Next, we will be making a weapon in Starbound. Stay tuned for that.

    I’ll be working on another game to mod for the next few tuts, but when I return to this one, we’ll be looking at ships and how they work.

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