Let's make a game group – Introduction

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    This group is for people who want to make a video game, especially in collaboration with others. If you’re interested, simply reply to this post with what sort of game you’d like to make, and what you’re skills are. If you’ve already a game partially in development that you want help with, be sure to link to screenshots and if possible, a demo.

    There’s a lot hurdles to overcome when developing a game with a team over the internet, I’d advise to start off with that the game shouldn’t take longer than 2 months to develop. If a team succeeds in doing that, then morale will be strenthened, bonds forged, and it will be easier to tackle bigger projects. Finally, whatever your goals for a game project, ensure that you give a lot of focus to the goal of actually finishing the game. Every one of your favourite games was made by people who actually finished it, and once you know you can complete video games, you can then focus more on making sure the games you complete are good.

    With that said, chime in with what you’d like to make!

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    My name is KM, I’m the proverbial Jack of All Trades, minus hard programming. If you’re looking for anything from sprites to music, shoot me a message and if it’s something I’d be interested in I can probably help out (within reason.) You can find my stuff at

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    3D Animation BFA grad/ musician, vocalist
    I can model, texture, rig, and animate 3D characters + environments in ZBrush + Maya
    [it takes time to do that however, so the more people who can contribute, the better]

    Projects take time, and they work best when you don’t care too much about them. Instead of making some grand project that takes forever. I propose us just working together to make simple things. Lets get a character running and shooting. then lets keep adding things that the character can do [jumping, flipping, interacting with a button, etc] that will get you in the mode of knowing the workflow for creating parts of the game. once you’ve established that. you can then go back to the drawing board and put together an actual game.

    teal;deer: lets practice until we establish workflow, scrap that, and then create a game using the knowledge and workflow that we established. It may seem counter-intuitive, but if u think that collaborating with folks from all over is gonna be easy as pie, think again. we gotta see how everyone works first.

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